Three Case Studies: Countries in which Christianity Curtails Women’s Bodily Autonomy

El Salvador: One, salient country in which Christianity oppresses women is El Salvador. This small, Central American country uses Christianity to deprive women of their bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. According to an article published by CNN, “in El Salvador, abortion is illegal under all circumstances, with no exceptions, even in the case of rape, [...]

Women and Religion: An Ongoing Conflict

Religious scriptures are the backbone of most religions. It is how followers defend their beliefs and often how they engage with fellow followers. Texts and scriptures have been interpreted in the patriarchal and degrading to women directions since the beginning of the faiths, so it is seen as the core beliefs of the religions when [...]

Choosing Between Pink Hats and Rosary Beads

I was raised in an Italian-Catholic family outside Providence, RI, which is an area that tends to be more socially progressive and “left leaning”. One fact that I always found strange was that many of the same people that I shared a pew with on Sundays were also the neighbors protesting about social inequalities and [...]

What’s up with Religion?

Religion is always a topic that has fascinated me. This is for a couple of reasons the first being the comical experience described by my mother of being thrown out of catholic school when she was eleven. The second being the fit my gran threw when one of my cousins came home from school one [...]