If You Can Check Off 3/10 of These Points, Then Your Favorite Band’s Music Video Might be Problematic

Does the music video contain:

  1. More women than men
  2. Women wearing *a little* less than what they’d wear to the park….or a clubImage result for dreamworlds 3
  3. Women crowding around the lead singer and touching him in a sexual wayImage result for dreamworlds 3
  4. Women dancing on or for the lead singer while he sings around themImage result for dreamworlds 3 gifs
  5. Any close ups of a woman’s body part, especially from a bottom or aerial view
  6. A woman touching herself sexuallyImage result for dreamworlds 3
  7. Men hitting or spanking women
  8. Men throwing money or food at womenImage result for gif of men throwing money at women
  9. Women covered in food, water, mud, or sweatImage result for dreamworlds 3Image result for dreamworlds 3
  10. Is this just a video about how great a dude is and how a girl’s life is pretty much only about being with and pleasing him because we live in a patriarchal and sexist society?Image result for gif of sassy womanIf this depresses you as much as it depresses me, enjoy this wonderful gif of wholesome One Direction from their ACTUALLY not degrading video, “That’s What Makes You Beautiful”, a video featuring boys singing together on the beach, and girls dressed modestly hanging out with them:Image result for gif of that's what makes you beautiful


  1. I think Charli XCX’s video for her single “Boys” is a really good antithesis for a lot of the examples shown here because it shows how you can have a gender imbalance without demeaning either gender.


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