The Race to Finessing College Debt

Let’s face it! Race, class, and gender play a big role in how far one gets in life. It’s not like we can choose our ethnicity, the economic status we were grew up in, or the gender we have birth. So why don’t all people have a fair shot at life?

Even though making it to college is a huge stepping stone for most, why does some people earn more and enjoy a better quality of life with for the same level of education? Well, according to Amy Traub in Asset Value of Whiteness, it’s Because white families accumulated more wealth over a history in which black and Latino families were excluded from many wealth-building opportunities through discriminatory policies in housing, banking, education and other areas, white families today have, in general, greater resources to pass on to their offspring.” Let me hit you with some knowledge:


So we can see that race plays an important role in our quality and shot at education from the beginning.


It sPicture2.pngeems we all want equality, but how can that be achieved when statistically proven, whites can focus more on contributing positively to their ‘class’ and ‘status’ after college, while blacks, Hispanics, and Asians struggle to pay off debt while joggling trying to be independent…. Like really???


                                            MORE Facts:


The statistics prove that not only minorities earn less on the dollar but is in debt due to attaining a higher education for themselves. Men had lower college debts than women (see the gender role?). However, amongst the women, African-American and Hispanic women have higher college debt than Asian-American and whites (Yup, the race card!).

So we can see that race and gender play a big role in how much progress people of different backgrounds and status make throughout their lifetime.

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