What exactly is the American Dream? By: Jeneva Chester

..a façade..a hoax..an unattainable goal

No matter how hard you work

No matter how many things you own

You may never be able to achieve the “American Dream”

It’s all in our heads,

Reality Check! It does NOT exist

Then why is it broadcasted at all immigration offices worldwide?

Why do immigrants see America as a land of opportunity??

When the reality is,

that the term equality is quite abstract

When will we realize that the system is flawed?

..and we are the reason behind these flaws

Our stereotypes, biases and stigmas are the causes for the social divide

..a divide that may never be broken

No one will be able to obtain this so called “dream” because of all the

Negative connotations and affiliations that are connected to our race and class


So the question remains… “What exactly is the American Dream?



 The picture above shows exactly what the American Dream entails. It shows the characters working and moving toward something titled “American Dream” without knowing what exactly they are going towards. It also shows the path that they are walking on beginning to crumble because the path to this dream is not solid. The path unstable very malleable because the idea of the American Dream changes depending on the person. Everyone has their own goals and aspirations in life. We as a society should not enforce an abstract dream that only 1% of Americans may be able to obtain.


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