5 Reasons Why Taylor Swift isn’t feminist of the century as she’d like to think…….

By Shantoya Sutherlandblog


According to Patricia Hill Collins & Margaret L. Andersen in the Anthology “Race, Class, & Gender,” Race, Class, and Gender are systems of power. These systems of power are often influenced by mass media, but more specifically pop culture, we can see this to be true in how celebrities often influence things such as feminist movements and racially based protests. What I have come here to say is that… Taylor Swift is NOT the saviour feminist of the millennial era.

  1. Exploiting Black Women & Black Culture in her music video “Shake It Off”


While the song had a good message, “shaking off the haters.” The message and the content of the video doesn’t align, in the video predominantly black girls are being showed in short shorts and twerking with big hoop earrings. While there is nothing wrong with black women wearing these things, the problem is they were wearing these stereotypical contents in a Taylor Swift video. Taylor’s song wasn’t about uplifting black women past their stereotypes, but about her not caring about people not liking her, simply the message and imagery didn’t match. Furthermore, Taylor herself is dressed in these hip-hop based clothing in the video also, almost like she’s not so subtly trying to say I can appropriate your culture and not care what you have to say about it. Well, girl you can’t.

2. She’s only a feminist when it benefits her in a public light.

While she has spoken out about being a feminist, at award shows and such, and finically supported pop star Ke$ha’s trail against her rapist, which was broadcasts all over social media. She has yet to speak publically about plan parenthood and didn’t attend not speak about the women’s march, two of the biggest feminist issues of this year. And as my mother would say “give unto Caesar, what is due unto Caesar,” I will give Swifty her dues for the things she has done. However, this flimsy form of feminism she has portrayed isn’t real feminism. There’s no picking and choosing in feminism.  Keep it girl.

  1. Trying to Blast Nicki Minaj…. Because Nicki was upset for a legit reason.

 Some of you may recall that Taylor and rap icon Nicki Minaj briefly got into it on twitter because Nicki Minaj tweeted that she was upset that her video for the song Anaconda was not nominated for best video, and she felt as though this had to do with race because mostly white girls were nominated. Taylor, swiftly (see what I did there) logged onto twitter with her fake feminist bullshit, accusing Nicki of pinning women against women by bringing up the fact that white women dominated the best video category (which was true…so… I still don’t get her point.) The problem with this is in the past decade or so when award shows have become very popular, it’s been pointed out on numerous occasions that mostly white Hollywood has dominated the award shows. Being inclusive of a black female in the music industry would be a step in right direction of being diverse within the award shows and the music industry, both of which has been known to be racist and sexist.


 4. Bad Blood Song & Video.

This ladies and gentlemen must be the easiest transition throughout this post. Now following my last point, Taylor accused Nicki Minaj of pinning women against women on twitter, yet the video she was nominated for was a song about her dissing another woman, and in this video, she is literally using other women to help her fight this woman she’s now beefing with… so who’s really pinning women against women sis? Hypocritical much?

5. Her shenanigans with Kim & Kanye

Some of you may not recall or might just not have cared, but during the 2009 VMAs…sigh… Taylor Swift won album of the year. Then a young man by the name of Kanye West (these days everything about him has been going south though,) got on stage, took the mic from Ms. Swift and proclaimed in front of the whole arena and the world that Beyonce (an iconic icon) had the best album not just of the year, but ever. Was Kanye right to get on stage and ruin her speech? No… no one thinks that for any of you who thought we might. Was his statement accurate… well that’s a matter of opinion… (Yes, it was sis…). So, Kanye has been dealing with public backlash for this for years, and still is to be honest, and before he lost his black ass mind, he was active speaker against discrimination in society and more specifically the music industry. In 2016, Kanye West released an album titled “The Life of Pablo,” on the track “Famous” he says “I feel like Taylor Swift still owe me sex / Why? I made that bitch famous.” Which got a big outcry seeing as these two have history, I agree that these words were unneeded and disrespectful, first, no one owes anyone sex, sex is only a trade when consensual between two people, he also made it seem has if Taylor didn’t have a career, now did this incident cause her career to sky rocket? Once again, a matter for opinions and statics. However, where this went horribly wrong for Ms. Swifty is when she got on stage at the iHeart Awards and basically bashed Kanye with her fake feminists’ speech, saying along the lines of “people want to take credit of your hard work…” Well not to longer after that Mrs. West, promptly logged onto social media and posted the video of Kanye asking Taylor if these lyrics were okay to put on this song, in the background you can hear Taylor laughing at the lyrics and telling Kanye not only was it okay but it was funny, the internet quickly branded her a snake. Now, to get to the point, for years’ white people has branded Kanye the angry black man, continually referring to that moment at the 2009 VMAs, and after laughing and joking with him, instead of helping to stop that stigma she helped to perpetuate it by getting on stage and bashing Kanye. And least not forget men must also be protected in feminism.

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