The Forgotten Feminist


When most people picture feminism the first image that pops into their head is a white woman in her mid 20s who probably doesn’t wear a bra or a Becky.   



Often times people forget that there are other faces of feminism; and I am not just talking about brown women but transgender women as well. I feel as though this group of women is the most forgotten when it comes to discussing the idea of under representation in the feminist community.                                                                                             bog


Feminism is the idea of wanting equality for ALL but that idea seems hard to grasp for some.

As a cis women we sometimes forget to realize that we actually have gender privilege even if we happen to be a minority. But even without discussing how transgender women are forgotten I can not forget to include the poor and brown feminist. I feel as a black feminist my voice is not received the same way a white woman’s voice would be. Even when seeing the issue of feminism being discussed on social media or T.V. I rarely see the face of a brown women included.

No matter who you are I feel as though we all fall short when it comes to being an intersectional feminist. Being a black women I forget about the struggles other minorities fac or people with disabilities, and even women who happen to fall below the poverty line. When you’re in a good spot in life it is easy not to think about how much harder. I feel like a lot of people would probably agree that they do this too, and it is not like we believe these women should not have the same rights we just forget these women have less rights than we do if you put it into perspective.

So as feminist in order to fight for the sisterhood we should not just limit ourselves to just protest for the equality of women but for things like trans rights, rights for people who are disabled as well as the women in poverty. As women we should all do our part to support causes that help others and do what we can to achieve a more inclusive feminist society.



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