What is Feminism?

The goal of feminism is to end all forms of sexism, sexist exploitation and oppression that exist in our society.  Feminism’s enemy is not men; rather, it is the society which perpetuates sexism, the patriarchy.  Unfortunately, since the beginning of the movement, the goal of feminism has been changed and tarnished.  Mass media which is mostly run by white men, only wanted to cover specific portions of the feminist message such as equal pay and equal opportunity.  They didn’t want to cover the issue of our sexist culture which can be seen through the objectification of women in certain rap/hip-hop music videos.  Also since American society is primarily Christian, there was a long-standing idea that the male domination in our society was okay and even expected.  In response to this, consciousness-raising groups were formed and meetings were held.  Through debates at these meetings the basic ideas of feminism formed.  After the movement began to receive attention, the next step was to spread to the mainstream media.  This lead to the acceptance of women studies at universities.  Feminism must take strength from the great steps women and men have towards gender equality.  Feminism is for everybody.


-Alex Pongchit

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