Is the Race/Gender Gap Real? You Bet

“Almost 3 times as many women as men work in occupations with poverty-level wages”
Yep, you read that right. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 4.6 million women work in full-time jobs where their income falls below the poverty line compared to 1.5 million men in this same boat. This is often because women are encouraged to apply for ‘typically female’ professions such as housekeepers or cashiers which both often do not bring in a salary higher than the poverty threshold.

“Among full and part-time workers in the US, blacks earned just 75% as much as whites in median hourly earnings and women earned 83% as much as men”
According to the Pew Research Center, hourly earnings for white men still outpace the earning of Hispanic men and women, African American men and women, and white women. Strangely, men of Asian descent were shown to earn a higher hourly salary on average than white men. Although it is true that people of all races and gender can technically ‘have’ the same title/position of a white male, the pay scale does not represent this equal position.

“Of all jobs, women only out-earn men in 9”
According to Business Insider, women out-earn men when they are producers/directors, cleaners of vehicles and equipment, wholesale and retail buyers, transportation security screeners, social and human service assistants, special education teachers, transportation/storage/distribution managers, dishwashers, and counselors. In ALL other positions like say lawyers, doctors, political representatives, financial advisors, analysts, and even funeral directors (YES, funeral directors) there is a gender pay gap in earnings of men versus women.

Even in today’s society, where a large portion of women have ‘equal rights,’ our world’s conditioned view of male superiority remains.

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  1. So the jobs were women’s pay is higher, are those positions that men either don’t stay in long, don’t apply to, or they just prefer to have a woman in? Very interesting topic that doesn’t seem to change hardly over the years. Great article.


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