Systems of power and inequality

By: Stacey Soko

By: Stacey Soko


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-social structure.
-Matrix domination
– inequality

Today’s talk is long overdue yet still apparent. The subject of discussion will be matric domination and all the aspects it includes. A brief description of matrix domination is the fact that race, class and gender do not operate alone but simultaneously; thus, creating a matrix domination. Race, class and gender form a structure of social relations. This social structure has rankings that create systemic forms of inequality. In order to get a better understanding of the context, I will be explaining the analogy through basketball. As most will notice, there are many African-American men that participate in college basketball and/or pro basketball such as the National Basketball League. Stereotypes that help justify this assumption is that African descendent Americans perform better in areas that require physical skills such as sports. Most African-American men are convinced that this is their best chance at being successful in America; that this is the number one category that they can achieve success. Even though the odds are slim of making it into the NBA after college or high school, this is still one of the main professions that black men in America will try to achieve. Basketball, especially pro basketball, is big business in the United States. A typical pro basketball game will have a lot of hype, such as reporters, announcers, advertisers/ crew members, coaches, cheerleaders, crowd in the stands, concession stands, etc. Imagine the rankings of social structure that apply to this basketball analogy. All the important roles, such as coaches, announcers, players, crew members and announcers are all mostly men. The players are a mixture of races but dominated by black and white Americans. This leaves a basic question to ask, where do women fit in this? The only major role that women are applied in this analogy is the role of a cheerleader or crowd members. This position is of no real use to the business and has no major qualification. There is such a thing as women’s pro basketball but it does not get as much acknowledgment as the men’s pro basketball does. It seems as if, once again, men overpower women in every category. The lower ranking of this analogy depends on the race, class and gender of the individuals. The main people who would be a part of the low ranks would be the cleaning crew, employees at the concessions stands and janitors to clean up after the game is over. Usually, the ones in this low ranking would be minority races, such as blacks, Latinos and more. Inequality in this analogy is against minorities, and women, just as it is in the real world. This social structure has men at the top of the rank, white and black men, while women and the rest of the minorities are low ranked. Inequalities runs in every aspect of our lives, it determines how much power and resources we will receive in society.

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