Institutional Oppression

 Did you know…

  • Gender: not the primary factor determining a woman’s fate
  • Intersectionality affects all people, especially women, starting at a very young age
  • Intersectionality is an experience greater and worse than racism, sexism, or classism themselves
  • Intersectionality refers to the various oppressive institutions that can impede the success of human beings including xenophobia, homophobia, ableism, transphobia and many more, and how they are all interconnected
    • According to the theory of intersectionality, if a person falls into the minority category in two or more of these oppressive institutions, he or she will have a harder time attaining status and succeeding in today’s world
  • Intersectionality empowers the problem and inhibits societal growth
  • Improvement to one facet of these oppressive institutions will not change the problem as a whole.

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