5 Ways To Know That You Live in a Capitalist Economic System (“Historical Analysis”)


             1. Even after the abolitionist of slavery, racial divisions still occurred with African Americans having the most menial, low-paying work in agriculture, mining and other domestic services. African Americans were uneducated and seen as incapable to do jobs done by white people. “separate but equal” but honestly not equal at all.  

       its a trap            


2. Capitalist expansion lead to an increase in Americans that were discriminated against and segregated by race and gender. The creation of more jobs and expansion in a whole introduced the notion of inequality in the workplace because minorities were hired by white business owners.

expanision gifs

3. White men are so privileged that they were able to maintain their privilege in the workplace through increasing their wages and improving workplace conditions.

white privlege

4. It is 2017 and the problem of unfair wages still exist……take a moment to let that sink in.


                  5. Capitalism is fostered around a central idea that the system only works when inequality is present. As long as capitalism exists, the sad truth is that there will be inequality in the workplace.




Author: Jeneva Chester

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