A poem by M from the Feminist JAMMS

Why is it that every time I want to say what’s on my mind I have to think twice?

Why is that every time go into a garage alone at night I feel scared?

Why is it every time I wear tight-fitting clothes or revealing clothes I’m scared of getting raped or sexually assaulted?

Why is it when I’m raped I’m blamed for it because I was wearing revealing clothes or “I was asking for it”?

Why is it that if I have more than one sexual partner I’m seen as a slut?

Why is it that a woman gives you birth, carries you for 9 months but men are still seen as the “better” and “stronger” gender?

Why is it okay for me to be rated by my looks?

Why is it that I’m being sold to men for sex?

Why is it that I have masters but I’m still getting paid less than a man?

Why is it that when it’s my time of the month I’m seen as bitchy or moody?

Why is it that I need to be ready for sex anytime my partner wants it?

Why is it that I always expect to smile and seem happy?

Why is it when I speak nicely to a guy he thinks that I want to have sex with him?

Why it is that I’m seen only as a sexual object?

I am human before I am a woman.

Is it a crime being women?

Because the society surely makes you feel like that sometimes.

You are in this world because of women learn how to respect one.

There are a million more questions but they will never be answered.

Why because I’m a woman.

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