4 Common Signs the Systems of Power Display Inequality

Inequality is a result of a society that is organized by hierarchies of class, race, and gender.

Inequality = Social Stratification = Systems of Power vs. Minorities

  1. Police Officers ALWAYS AssumingPolice assuming

Racial profiling has destroyed the public trust in police. It undermines public safety when law enforcement officers target people based on their race, religion, or national origin instead of their behavior.

2. Rich people and their Loopholes


People who own elite companies find a way to pay substantially lower tax rates. While the rest of us ORDINARY taxpayers pay taxes on ORDINARY income tax rate.

  1. National Rifle Association (NRA) are BIG BALLERSCncb9ngXYAA_me7

Since the congressmen need money to sponsor their campaign the NRA funds them in order for them to keep all those gun control laws to a minimum.

  1. Women Face Lame Pay Gaps


Women in many elite jobs and careers earn less than men. Some jobs have even become domesticated for each gender, and when lines are crossed they pay is less.

Women deserve to be paid according to their experience and skill, not their gender …

– Jennifer Garcia



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