Basketball vs. Race, Class, and Gender



Do you notice that basketball teams are dominated by African American players? Do you know why? People claimed that African American dominate basketball teams because they have good physical skills in basketball but, that is not the real reasons why young African Americans compete to be basketball players. Here are the reasons. Being a sportsman ensures a bright future because it provides good job and payment. African Americans also believe that sports are the only way to success because of “high salaries, endorsement, and merchandise.”


However, not all African Americans can make it to NBA. A player that has a set of skills that is needed for the team will have a high chance to be an NBA player. Therefore, they have a very limited hope to be NBA players because there are a lot of people out there that are competing to be one as well. Scholarship that will be offered to basketball players increases people’s interest to become a basketball player.


On the other hand, what happens when women try to participate in sports such as basketball and soccer? People do not put much interest on their games and they do not draw as much attention as men. This is a gendered bias from a sports point of view. Women coaches are not paid as much as men. Women are more likely to be used as cheerleaders, to serve food, as cleaners, and other trivial jobs in basketball games.

The society claims that “racist is a thing of the past.” What happened is that new form of racism takes place. Not much has changed in this past few decades. A basketball game can show so many things related to race, class, and gender. What can other “familiar” events show other oppressed group related issues?

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