What is the bigger problem?


The society is very complicated with many preconceived but wrong notions and ideologies.  It is further complicated by the splitting of society based on race, gender, and class.  One is considered or assumed to be better than the other and the suppressed ones struggling to come up in life makes the society a battle field.  The other side of the coin is that the people at a disadvantage always blaming the other race, gender, or class.  One has to find a holistic solution and bring peace and uniformity in the society.

Coming to gender, I don’t understand why women are considered as less valuable than men.  Don’t men love their women?  No society will survive with only men.  According to the legend of rap Tupac, in his lyrics from “Keep ya Head up”

“I wonder why we take from our women
Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?

I think it’s time to kill for our woman”

Tupac is well known in the rap world.  He presents the struggle of class and gender in his raps.  His song “Brenda’s Got a Baby showed a different side to rap.  He was one of the first rappers to portray women in a light of strength.  In the song, he talks about a young girl having a baby and how she is molested by her family member.  He talks about how her being poor affect the whole community as a whole. Tupac also wrote a rap called “Dear Mama” depicting the struggle his single mom went through.  He talks about how the society did not give his mother a chance to progress in life because of her skin color.  I see many boys who say they love Tupac, but why are these important messages that he valued are not followed in the society?  An artist uses his work for entertainment as well as to teach the society.  We need to see that gender is a huge problem but so is race and class.  We must see how gender is making a bigger gap in the society. Tupac started to show the differences of race and class and how people in the ghettos were treated.

I am puzzled why these men see woman as unworthy.  Is it because of the way we look or talk? Why do women seem innocent and dumb?  The Disney cartoons I grew up with always had women look down on, helpless, need to be saved etc.   Almost all the princesses were saved by their prince.  For example, Cinderella, a popular princess was a girl who lost a slipper and was won by a man and her only worth seemed to be how beautiful she looked that one night.  It is insane to find that many little girls see women as someone who cook, clean, and take care of their man.  According to Miller in New York Times, the toys and costumes that parents encourage their children to engage with is a big factor in teaching the gender roles to kids.  Why don’t we teach our girls they can play with dinosaurs or any boy labeled toys? And why don’t we teach boys to play with dolls and become more responsible.  I think many families are scared that if their sons play with girl toys they will grow up to be transgender or homophobic. This is a stretch of an assumption.  Parents thus play a big role in creating these gaps in society.  I see it all the time when mothers tell their sons not to buy pink dress or Dora toys.  But why is gender such a strong word to people?  It should be easy to like what you like.  But because so many men are forced to act tough, they die earlier.  They are not taught to talk about their feeling and be gentle.  These are non-manly qualities.  There are many statistics shown that boys die earlier because of their lack of emotion.   The net result is we are creating weaker and insecure men and widening the gap between men and women.


A big rapper of this generation Logic came out with a song about suicide.  He raps about wanting to commit suicide.  The song is very powerful, but the most powerful part is portrayal of the a black high school boy who gets bullied by others and shunned his family.  This was a huge representation of black gay men.  In the black community being gay is looked down on.  We always see black people become basket ball players or doctors but why don’t we see more gay proud black people?  We need to see the problems that exist within the races it self.


I know a smart but poor Indian girl.  She got marries and came to America.  She did not want to continue her study though she was hardly 18.  She just had her first son and she is hardly 20.  It is up to a girl, I understand, what they want.   I have no right to judge.  But why do so many Indian girls see women as less capable of becoming strong in American society? She came here with an American dream but her dreams were put on hold because of the Indian stereotype of poor girls in India. Though things are changing, we still have a long way to go for women to feel self sufficient and strong.  I see many women just stay home and cook, they are controlled by their husbands, and are forced to have kids or they are looked down.  The best way to get out of this situation is to educate girls and teach proper values to both boys and girls.  Rich women in India are able to express their opinion freely and assert their values, but men see them as being too modern and non-traditional.  Is being traditional sitting at home and being a slave to men?. We need to make race, class, and gender get abolished.

I want to see a world where everyone is equal and don’t you?



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