Harvey vs. Irma: A Battle of the Sexes



Tragically, and among other natural disasters that were hitting the United States around the same time, two very serious hurricanes swept through the southeast. Ripping parts of our beautiful nation to shreds as well as drowning one of the largest populated cities. While these were such awful storms, there has been a divide among some that argue whether one was worse than the other. Why? Because that’s what Americans do. Why? Good question. It’s history.

It’s not news to say that America is quite familiar with division among people. It’s basically our entire history – I mean seriously. Let’s start out with those guys that came to the U.S. long ago. You know, the ones that left England for one reason or another; there were so many reasons why people left truly. The one that stands out to me the most starts with the fact that England was exploring and settling all over the place. The thing is, if you were a wealthy Englishperson, then why would you want to leave and go to a country with a bunch of savages? So, what they did was allow people who were struggling, dying, poor, felt segregated, Puritans, or who were even imprisoned – they were like “Hey, go over to the New World and start new”. And those were the people that started America. These were people that felt like they were separated from the people in England. This is why I think we have it. It’s in some people’s blood almost to separate whenever they feel it’s necessary, or whenever they feel different – it’s like a little bug in their brain. EVEN IF THEY’RE NO MORE DIFFERENT THAN THE NEXT.

People still, for some reason, feel the need to be separated from their neighbor. Even if these people have gone through tragedy. Even if these people have gone through Hell and are crawling their way back mere weeks after someone else. Someone started it by feeling like they needed to be involved in the worse hurricane. How does that make sense? They literally went through hurricanes that are both going to have retired names.

Harvey and Irma are debatably the worst back-to-back hurricanes that we’ve ever seen, and there are people that want to separate them. While they were different variations of a hurricane – one having more wind while the other brought more rain – THEY WERE BOTH AWFUL! They were both ‘Deadly and Destructive’. Too many people died. Too many people are left with nothing. Instead of turning these events into a makeshift Battle of the Sexes, why don’t we use that energy where it is more productive and resolve some of the crappy situations that each of these storms have left men and women alike. If we continue to tear people down instead of build them up with the rest, we are providing a detrimental ending to a place that has the potential to provide so many with the best place on Earth to live.

-Mind Blogglers

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