Women Is Fired for Being on Her Period?







636390761669566619-alisha-colemanAs women, we all know that feeling when we are on our period and we constantly have to check to make sure that haven’t had any accidental leaking. Most of think it is pretty embarrassing if it ever does happen but have you ever thought about getting fired for it?  

Alisha Coleman, a former 911 call taker, is suing her former employer for wrongful termination after allegedly being fired after an accidental leak during her period. According to American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Ms. Coleman experiences two incidents of heavy menstrual flow which was, for her, a symptom of pre-menopause.  

The first incident happened in August 2015. According to ACLU, Ms. Coleman left an accidental leak on her chair and was asked to leave and change her clothes. A few days and HR director allegedly told her “that she would be fired if she ever soiled another chair from sudden onset menstrual flow,” According to ACLU. The second incident happened on April 22, 2016 after Ms. Coleman got up to use the bathroom and blood was spotted on the carpet around where she was sitting. According the ACLU, she was fired that same day. 

Employers have no business firing a woman or anyone based on something that naturally happens. They also did not have to make her feel any more embarrassed or ashamed than she must have already been. Why does this even have to be discussed? 

Written By: Ashira Johnson

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