A Muslim Girl

Religion is a topic no one is comfortable talking about because we are afraid we might offend someone or we might say something that is wrong. Why are we all so afraid to learn about or understand someone else’s religion? Me being a Muslim, I know for a fact that Islam is the most misunderstood religion out there.

People assume that Muslims are all terrorist or that all the women are forced to wear a hijab. But honestly, Islam is the most diverse religion out there. It promotes nothing but peace. I was born in a Muslim family and I am Muslim myself. And my parents always told me before anything else be a better human. Humanity is the root of Islam. There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the world. Not all of them are bad but most of them are good humans. There are extremists in every religion. But when people see something they are not used to like a woman covering her head or a man in his traditional clothing they get afraid because it’s not the norm in this American Society. Seeing a woman covered head to toe at the beach is surprising to most people. But Islam teaches women to have themselves covered because true beauty is in your soul, not your physical appearance. Physical appearance is temporary but the soul and your being stay forever.

Being covered is a lifestyle, a modest lifestyle. And I choose to live it. And have I’m extremely proud of it because it’s not easy but definitely worth it. It helps me gain my confidence, and I’ve stopped caring what others think of me. The most important thing for me is how I treat people, and wearing a hijab helps me gain that humanity because it’s a representation of all Muslims girls around the world.

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