Break the wall down: A letter to my Rabbi

Dear Rabbi,

I am an Orthodox Jewish woman and I’ve had enough. Being an Orthodox Jewish woman means that I have to sit behind a wall during prayer so the men can’t see us. It means we can’t participate in prayers as well because that’s the way it has always been. Why can’t the laws change in relation to our culture? We have come so far in terms of women’s rights and equality since the bible was created over three thousand years ago why cant the rules change with it? Now that we have women running for United States president and other major positions in government and business we shouldn’t have to sit behind a wall during prayer. In the days of the bible women were treated as property and usually meant to work in the house but that’s just not how it is anymore! There was even a law that made it only possible for a man to divorce his wife but not a woman to divorce her husband. This meant the women were contractually obligated to be the husband’s wife until he no longer wanted her anymore. That is how far we have come since then where that type of law was considered normal. All I’m asking is to start taking down the figurative and literal wall that separates men and woman in the orthodox world.


A concerned Orthodox Jewish Woman



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