My Religion Shapes the Way That I Understand my Roles and my Worth

power of religon

“Rather they view human rights as something dangerous to the church, something that is co-opting the church’s real message, mission, and purpose.”

                                     -Alison Boden


 Out of all the words, phrases and messages that were incorporated in the reading, this specific quote stood out to me the most. The quote above sums up an experience that I had that made me question myself as a Christian woman living in the United States.


I was in church one Sunday, and I usually do not listen to the sermon because I often struggle with trying to keep up with all the points that are covered. But this Sunday, in particular, the sermon seemed to be quite interesting so I was attentively listening.

Everything was going smoothly, and I was actually enjoying the sermon until…  the pastor said,

   “Women do not belong on the pulpit. Women in places of power have wrong intentions.”

 After he said that, I almost walked out of the church! I decided not to because I did not want to disrespect him the way that he just disrespected me and women in general. Even though that sermon happened about a year ago, it still impacts me in ways that may be unimaginable.

Before the sermon, I was very strong and independent. Even though I knew that I was a minority in all aspects, I would never let that stop me from pursuing my dreams and obtaining my goals. That view of myself has been altered after internalizing that phrase that my pastor uttered.

Religion plays a huge role in how a lot of people live their lives. The way that religion is set up, many believe that if they do not adhere to all the guidelines and standards in the Quran or in the Bible, then they are being disobedient.

For me, this is where I am having trouble because my religion is telling me one thing but the world around me and my instinct is completely different. That constant battle between what my religion says my role is and what I want my role as a woman to be is definitely an ongoing problem for me.  

Religion is a very powerful source and it shapes the way that women view themselves in relation to the world around them.


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