Is God a Feminist?

Feminism I believe is a quest for justice and equal rights for women.

The kind of quest where women seek to be treated differently.

I believe God is what people now call a “feminist”.

God created women in his image (Genesis 1:27)

She was given dignity and privileges that go beyond race, status, and ability.

Men and women with power or not were given the ability to live as image bearers.

But what do we do with these abilities?


Gods’ idea of feminism cannot compare to our idea of feminism.

His thoughts are far greater than ours. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

So we must first value the thoughts of God.

He thought of our rights & our privileges.

Created in His image. HE THINKS OF US.

God himself created us with rights & privileges.

So what makes some think we don’t?


Sin entered the world and it blurred out God’s thoughts.

Now power oppresses those without it.

And equality is now seen as sameness.

Feminism to many means the equality of women & men.

Women being equal to men was said by the apostle Paul. (Galatians 3:28)

Then, does equality mean “the same”?


I believe women are different than men.

We weren’t created to be robots that look and act and live the same.

We are defined by our different strengths & different abilities.

This difference does not imply inequality.

It implies Uniqueness. (Isaiah 64:8)


“Feminism” is just a name given by people to a subject God already directed.

Feminism should be a movement to teach the world, both men and women, HOW to treat women with respect.

And respect grows only when you know and value the differences.


As women, we should be held up to the standards of what makes us an excellent woman.

And men to the standards of what makes an excellent man.

A well respected, high-achieving, woman is going to look different than a well-respected, high-achieving men.

We should all have goals and dreams to accomplish different things.

We shouldn’t fix our minds on sameness.

Created in his image means that we were created UNIQUELY AND THOUGHTFULLY.


Which makes me believe that God was the first feminist.

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  1. What about feminists who think that the only differences between men and women are those imposed on them by society, and that given the opportunity, we could be the same? Are they not real feminists or not followers of God?


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