Lace on the floor

We were good.

We obeyed.

We hid.


Told to be good mothers. Told to be chaste.

Living oxymoron’s.  Living for men.

Raising our sons more powerful than us.

Raising daughters to be strong

still knowing their fate.

Daughter’s father will walk her down the aisle but the veil doesn’t come off.


We fight.

We pray.

Praying to Her.


Still good mothers. Still told to be chaste.

We do not care.

We have sex. We fall in love.

We break the rules

because we are nasty-

nasty women


Daddy walks us down the aisle

We rip off the veil.

Look at our powerful mother, thanking her for all she’s done.

Turn our backs on our Father

and kiss the bride.





By Erika Fusco


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