Stop Blaming Victims for the Things People do to Them…

By Shantoya Sutherland


About 1 out of every 6 women are victims of sexual assault in the United States, some of them completed and some attempted, majority being completed. Think about this, that’s around 17 percent of women in this nation has and will be sexually assaulted before the end of their life. According to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, since 1998 around 17.7 million women have been raped, and this statistic is based on those who have reported it. Now, let’s discuss those who don’t, according to the American Medical Association, rape crimes are the most unreported violent crimes in the United States. Furthermore, 1 out of every 10 males are victims of rape, that’s about 10% of the male population in the United States. This is not even counting the LGBTQ community, last year alone 30% of gay and bisexual men reported to have been the victims of sexual assault.




Now that I’ve laid out these statistics, you might be wondering what you should do with it, well that’s not up for me to dictate, however will vividly state my opinion on rape culture in this country. Unfortunately, though the U.S would like it is one of the most progressive countries in the world, data and analysis has proven that this might not be as true as we’d like to believe. The countries that we’d like to look down our nose at simply has a better system of punishing rapists than the U.S. I believe major reason for this epidemic is the social standard in this society of victim blaming; “well if she wasn’t wearing that skirt, she should never get drunk around men, she’s basically asking for it, well maybe he should have never been jail, well if he wasn’t gay…” We try to find every reason in the book for why rapists rape people other than studying and condemning the rapists themselves.



Now, Me, A walking talking function rational human being, thinks that the way to solve a problem is to start at the source of the problem, I think it’s safe to say that source of rape comes from rapists. If someone is not hurting anyone else or themselves they should have to censor what they wear, where they go, who they are, or what they do just so rapists aren’t tempted to assault them.  Women who wear pants and has never touched a drop of alcohol in their life get raped for simply leaving their house, they sometimes get raped IN the house, believe it or not some of those men in jail are innocent and even if they are not that is not causation for them to raped and just because they’re a man doesn’t give you the right to open your dusty ass mouth to say they can’t be raped; that notion is incorrect and invalid so shut it, and members of the LGBTQ community are often raped as a hate crime which  isn’t a justification either, their sexuality and identity isn’t causation for suffering.


Now, what do I suggest we do about this, well it’s simple; start blaming the rapists instead of the victims. Women shouldn’t have make fashion decisions based on whether or not she feels like her life will be in danger if she wear a certain article of clothing, or be scared to walk home alone, or to just leave the house at night in general. Men shouldn’t have to be expected to subject themselves to rape just because they’re in prison, guards should have to take a more active role in preventing and stopping sexual assault in prisons, and LGBTQ members shouldn’t have to change who they are because you are uncomfortable with who you are and want to take your hate out on them. There needs to be more drastic punishment for rapists and white boys need to stop being let off rape charges because going to prison will hurt their feelings or so other bullshit excuse as to why they get to use their white privilege to whatever the hell they want without repercussions. I’m just so sick and tired of this, it’s 2017 and were still having this conversation. DO BETTER AMERICA. And my message to rapists is you belong in the 7th circle of the very depths of hell, STOP IT AND GET SOME HELP.


Also, society it’s 2017 and we’re STILL having this conversation. I’M. TIRED



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