Goddesses of India


First off, all, I am not here to judge any other religion. I am just stating facts that I read about and I do not think any religion ever preached that we must hate women.  I do see the good and bad in my own religion Hinduism.

Hinduism is a very old religion with many gods and goddesses.  They are just different forms of one divinity.  It gives the followers to choose the form that they like and cherish the god of their choice.  In the scriptures, it talks about how powerful goddesses and women are.  The main portfolios are under the control of women goddesses.  Parvati is the controller of power, Lakshmi is the controller of wealth, and Saraswati is the controller of knowledge.  So, the religion does not preach about weak women.  Also, no male god ill-treats his consort.  I have many examples to share, the first being Radha and Krishna, the most powerful romantic couple in Hindu Religion.  Next are Sita and Rama, and finally Parvati and Shiva are the examples where mutual love, respect, and equal status are represented in divinity.

Coming to Radha and Krishna, they sport a lot with their friends with mutual respect.  Krishna keeps singing Radha Radha and vice versa.  They teach how love and respect brings harmony in life.  Similarly, Sita tells that she is inseparable from Rama and Rama says that he and Sita and inseparable.  At one point, when Sita was abducted and kept in captivity by the demon Ravana, she tells him that she has the potential to burn him, but not doing it because she is in austerity and expecting her husband to do his part.  Though Ravana was a demon, he had enough conscience not to assault or sexually abuse her.  Parvati is called the energy and she incarnates to kill many demons.  She is the personification of compassion and works with Siva to protect their devotees.  Yes, Hindu religion reinforces love for each other, individual strength, and power of divinity, but not supremacy of one over the other.

After seeing how important goddesses are in Hinduism and how they are treated by their consorts, why is it that we see so many women raped and beaten in India?  Why are women feeling weaker?  It might not be because of the religion, but the way the members are raised.  We see so many powerful goddesses, but we don’t see powerful women standing up for their rights and to protect the society.  Is it because of the society in India or is it because of the men?   I honestly do not think religion is the reason.  In my view, the abuse of women happens in India because the society gives higher value to men.  For example, they think that man is the head of the house and the main decision maker.  Because a son is going to bring more money to the family, he is given better food and clothing.   In poor families, birth of a girl is considered as a curse because they have to spend a lot of money for her marriage.  The husband expects his wife to take his permission to do anything.  While he expects her to take care of his parents, does not permit her to help her parents.  What should we do as the observers to help solve this gender division in India?


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