“Reformist” vs “Revolutionaries.” Which one are you?

What are reformists and revolutionaries? Are there many types of feminism? And Why? These might be the questions that will pop up in the mind of people that claim that they know what feminism is but the reality is that they don’t. People usually assume something based on their observation and conversation among themselves. They don’t actually try to understand the structure of feminism and what feminists are fighting for.


There were two types of feminism named by Carol Christ in the early feminist theology movement which were reformists and revolutionaries. In definition, reformists “sought to transform religion from within.” In contrast, revolutionaries “sought to develop a new, non-traditional feminist form of religion.” To clarify, reformists wanted changes within the system and revolutionaries wanted to change the entire system.


902d2a_ee2e3c87416e4b45ae17f7137918b28a-mv2Reformists claimed that more people will be interested to accept the changes in major religions that remove patriarchal culture in the system rather than starting a new religion. On the other hand, revolutionaries argued that they were done trying and cannot tolerate anymore. However, although these two groups have their differences, they also shared a common goal which “feminist transformation of religion beyond patriarchy.” In my opinion, these two groups of people have a great sense of responsibilities to get what women deserve and they are using a different approach that is the polar opposite to each other. This is not wrong and each perspective has their reasons why they choose to believe so. No type of feminism is superior to each other.


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