5 Things You Would Know if You Went to an All-Girls-Catholic High School

Don’t get me wrong I loved my high school. For the most part, they were some of the best years of my life. In some ways it was your typical all girls school, but in others it was much more than that. Here some of the best and worst parts about going to an all girls catholic school.

  1. No Makeup, No Problem

Going to an all girls school was a breeze in terms of morning routine. I would get up about 15 minutes before I had to leave, brush my teeth, eat food and then be on my way. I never, ever put on make up, and I rarely even brushed my hair. Not caring about what I looked like or what anybody else looked like made it a way better learning environment and allowed us to focus what is most important at school, which is our education.



2.We Prayed Before Everything

We prayed before the start of everyday, we prayed before every single class whether it was religion, math, social studies or science, and we prayed at the end of everyday. Additionally, we had mass maybe once every two weeks, and the whole time we were pretty much praying or singing. In fact, one of my school’s mottos was “there’s a spirit about this place,” meaning that no matter what we were doing we were always doing it with holy intentions. We even prayed before every sport event as a team so that we would get that W.



3. We ALWAYS Got Scolded for Our Uniforms

This was definitely one of the most annoying and antifeminist aspect about my entire school. We had to make sure our uniforms were practically perfect in every way. Our shoes had to be polished, and our dresses had to be ironed, with the belt tied. It also could not be higher than two inches above our knees. One of the main arguments for this policy was that “the male teachers would get distracted and it would make them uncomfortable if our dresses were too short.” They’re like 50 and we were literally in our teens so they can chill if our skirt is an inch too “short”.


4. We Had the Weirdest Traditions

Honestly there are too many to count at this moment but I will just name a few. We had this school wide competition called Gym Meet where we would compete in dance, aerobics, march, and song. The seniors usually won and of they didn’t, all hell would break loose. Additionally, for graduation, we had to wear white dresses and carry red roses as we walked across the stage. The only reason we have to do this is because back when the school was founded in 1873, after graduation most women would get married. In fact back in the day, they used to say this, “a Notre Dame Preparatory School woman wears white three time in her life: once at baptism, once at graduation, and once on her wedding day.” Talk about an all girls, catholic school, am I right?


5. Our Mission Statement is Feminist AF

The very first sentence of our mission statement is, “Notre Dame Preparatory School educates and empowers girls to become women who transform the world.” This was ingrained in my brain from the very first day that I set foot on that campus. Despite the fact that there were some minor set backs, like keeping a perfect uniform, NDP was a very good place to achieve this goal. We were able to completely be ourselves and thrive in a judgment free environment. In religion class during our senior year, we learned about current events like human trafficking and other injustices that are taking place in the world. Having a foundation during my high school years that educated me about the issues in the world has made it even more possible for me to feel empowered to change them, and I wouldn’t trade that education for anything.


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