How to reduce Sexual Harassment in Work Force

Harassment-800x578By: Stacey Soko

What to know?

It is no secret that sex discrimination plays a significant role in determining who dominants and has the power in the workforce. One fact is that women earn approximately 76 cents to the dollar than make in the United States in the work force. There are 3 forms of sex discrimination that affect women. 1.) Overt discrimination 2.) Sexual harassment and 3.) Glass ceiling. The first one is defined as the use of gender as a criterion for determining employment decisions. It is said to believe that the Civil Rights Act prohibits making any decisions based on sex in employment-related manners. The second one is a form is categorized in two forms, quid pro quo and hostile employment. Quid pro qou relates to threats and bribery used to obtain sexual compliances. This usually requires that the harasser have power over the target, who is usually the manager or supervisor. Hostile environment occurs when sexual behaviors have the purpose and effect of unreasonable interference with individuals at any work environment in this matter. The last but not least is the third form. Glass ceiling refers to an invisible barrier that prevent women from advancing past a certain level. These barriers are often subtle and include gender stereotypes. This form specifically causes lack of opportunity for women to gain nay job experience.

List of ways to improve sexual harassment and sexual discrimination at work

  • Employ more women in managerial/executive positions
  • Have an equal number of men and women in various levels of authority
  • Have more women be the ones to detect, stop and curb any signs of sexual harassment and discrimination in work fields
  • Have women viewed as valuable members of organizations that are male dominated
  • Enforce strong sexual harassment policies within the work force that everyone must abide to

KEY WORDS: Gender Equality and Discrimination

  • It is said to believe that female to men harassment is 9% in comparison to men to women harassment at 90%
  • Employing women in management and executive positions would drastically reduce sexual harassment to some extent in work environments
  • 29% of women executives and 5% of men executives reported being harassed in male domination organizations
  • Even though women are still harassed no matter their position in the work force, it is still gradually lower than women in positions of less power
  • There were reports of lower ratings in sexual harassment in conditions that had an equal number of women and men with higher authority

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