A Woman in Corporate America

corporate woman

By: J. from Feminist JAMMS

Even from the start, we are distinctly set apart

As only one of us is destined to succeed.

While equal in education, we differ in representation

Because in Corporate America, a woman’s place is not guaranteed.

With any progress I make, benefitting my corporation’s sake

I cannot help but experience a constant feeling.

As I watch the ascending careers of my countless male peers

I am solemnly reminded of an impenetrable glass ceiling.

This invisible obstruction inherently leads to destruction,

As executive women rarely supervise in business.

Instead, those who prevail are strictly male

And to their crude comments I remain a witness.

Many supervisors cackle and stare, playfully pull my hair

Relentlessly seeking my attention.

To this I am unfazed, extremely appalled and amazed

At how quid pro quo has become the convention.

Despite this blatant flaw, there is no comprehensive law

That deems such behavior unacceptable.

While legislature fights discrimination and acts of denigration,

It turns a blind eye to sexual harassment in the workplace.

And so a woman must endure these remarks that are impure,

Fighting to stay focused amidst such disgrace.

I continue to work hard while my self-worth is scarred,

Striving to achieve my hopes and dreams.

Even through this pain, there is more for me to gain

As I attempt to climb toward an executive position.

Because even the everlasting scold of the corporate world

Cannot keep a woman from completing her mission.


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