To whomever, this may concern….

To whomever, this may concern,

                    I need to ask you one simple question that addresses an issue that many women deal with on a day to day basis. When will enough be enough? Women in the United States and in many other countries around the world face discrimination in the workplace. There is a lack of women in positions of power including managerial and CEO positions. Even though some may believe that this problem is not as serious as I am depicting it to be. There are many factors that are related to the inequality of women in the workforce like sexual harassment. Sexual harassment of women by males that hold a higher position than them is honestly the most sickening and discouraging thing ever. Imagine trying to provide for your family and making a living for yourself. But the only way you can provide for them is having to subdue to various forms of sexual harassment in a place deemed as a “place of business”. What are we as a community going to do to stop the permissiveness of men in places of power using their power to take advantage of women? These acts and laws that are set into place to prohibit Sex discrimination are clearly not enough to end this problem. And what about my sisters in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and other countries around the world that are also facing similar issues even with laws specifically against sex-based discrimination??  As we can see laws and acts are not enough to stop this on going poison of abuse of power. It is estimated that almost 50% of all U.S. women will be sexually harassed at some point during their careers (Bell et al. 2002). As a college student, this initiates fear of what I may have to face in the near future. I am working hard to obtain my degree, like any other male student and after I graduate, I am entering a system where the playing fields are unequal.


An Angry, Educated and Capable Woman

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