5 Myths about Women in the Workplace

Myth: Women don’t aspire to senior leadership role

Fact: Women’s career aspirations do not differ from men and their ambition grows as their work experience grows.

Myth: Caring for children stops women from making it to the top

Fact: The overall impact of having a family is less than what people think.  Having a family slows women’s career progression marginally, but it’s not a significant factor in preventing them from getting to the top.

Myth: Women aren’t at the top because they lack confidence

Fact: Women are honest about their skills when putting themselves forward to unfamiliar challenges.

Myth: Women don’t have connections that open doors at the top

Fact: Women understand the link between professional connections and career advancements, and they tend to choose formal channels to build their profiles.

Myth: Women don’t stick it out to make it to the top

Fact: The reason women aren’t getting executive level roles is because of a lack of promotion, rather than attrition.

-Alex Pongchit

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