“How women executives can change the whole system of sex discrimination at workplace”

First of all, there are three forms of sex discrimination which are overt discrimination, sexual harassment and the glass ceiling that have effects on women in organizations. In definition, over discrimination is “the use of gender as a criterion for employment-related decisions” including hiring, firing, and promotion. In general, if there is anything to do with sex that determines certain decisions, it will fall under Title VII of the Civil Right Act of 1964. The employer can be sued and employee can use this act against their employers to protect themselves from unjust decision and treatment.

Overt discrimination influences to “occupational sex segregation” which causes the risk of women to be harassed by male supervisors increase. Next, sexual harassment is the second form of sexual discrimination. Sex harassment is divided to two forms which are quid pro quo and hostile environment. Quid pro quo is usually related to the power over the victims and the victims are threatened or accept money or some sort of bribery to have sexual intercourse with the perpetrators. A hostile environment is defined as “sex behaviors that have purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work environment or creating hostile, offensive, work environment.” The perpetrators use some kind of treatment that causes unstable emotions of the victims that will affect their work performance and uncomfortable environment with the colleagues. Furthermore, the glass ceiling is the “invisible barriers” that block women from getting to the next level. This obstacle stops women from moving forward to the highest level of management to end this sexual inequality and sex segregation.


Women executives are the answer for this whole problem because they can reduce sexual harassment and other forms of sexual discrimination. They can help to obtain gender equality at workplace using their power. They are more likely to get the complaints from women employees about sexual harassment and can take direct action on the perpetrators. Employment of more women executives will decrease the sex segregation and has more balanced amount of women and men on every level of authority and management.  

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