So, You Don’t Want to Hire Her Because She IS Pregnant?

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By: Ashira Johnson

Why is pregnancy discouraged in the workplace when it is supposed to be a celebration of life? Society, for some reason, views pregnant women as weak and unable to do even the simplest of tasks. Yes, a pregnant woman may have to take it easy at time (she is carrying a life after all) but she would be fully capable of knowing what she can and cannot handle.  

Bow, from the show “Blackish,” has experienced this kind of injustice. She is a doctor and was trying to get a new position or promotion within her job. When she finally went to the interview the interviewers did not seem comfortable with the fact that she was pregnant. After the interview she later found out that, even though she was more than qualified for the job, the job opportunity was given to another one of her female coworkers. After realizing how she was treated, she went back to educate the interviewers about how their way of thinking was wrong and about how pregnant women are usually treated in the workplace. She also created a new position for herself within the hospital that she worked at to help and uplift pregnant woman in the workplace because it is so important for them to be looked at in a positive manner instead of being discouraged. 

It is important to do what Bow did when facing injustices such as this. You must educate the people who are trying to knock you down because even though it is sad that the person doesn’t already know that they are doing is wrong, they need to know and understand why they are hurting that person. It is important as a person who strives for equality and human rights to educate those around you as well as uplift them when you know they are feeling discouraged. Pull together resources and other people to created solutions to different issues like Bow has done. Yes, it is from a TV show but we can all learn from that episode. The most important quote to pull out from that episode is, “the system is not going to change if it does not include the participation of everybody,” and that holds very true because everyone needs to realize that these injustices are not good for anyone and the inclusion of every single person is important. 

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