(Written by a daughter who immediately regretted saying every single one of these)



  1. What do you do all day?


This usually triggers a screaming fit from my mother about how underappreciated she feels but she is not wrong. I take for granted how clean the house I live in is, all the chores around the house that have been done throughout the day, always having a stocked refrigerator, someone to help me with my laundry, someone to drive me around to the 50 million sports I NEEDED to participate in before I had my license, and someone who had the ability to always be there for me no matter what I needed.


  1. Have you ever worked before?


This usually warrants the answer “ I work every single day to raise you and your sister to become the best people you could be”. I am very fortunate to have my family where they stand financially because it allows my mother the opportunity to have the full time job of raising us but I do realize that others aren’t always in the same position and that being a stay at home mom is also work itself.


  1. I don’t understand why you couldn’t do it. What else were you doing? (Usually laundry or an errand that needed to be run)


This NEVER goes well. What else were you doing? Sometimes I forget to realize how much work it takes to keep a household running and how busy a stay at home mom truly is. It’s so inconsiderate to not take into account everything else a stay at home does on a daily basis just because she doesn’t have a paying job and to expect things to be done just because she isn’t at work is thoughtless.


  1. It must be so nice to be a stay at home mom


Well, if you consider cleaning up messes constantly and dealing with the whining and complaining of young children on a regular basis as “nice” or what you mean to say as easy, then yes. News flash, IT IS NOT. I’ve recently been able to answer this one for my mom after babysitting for just 6 hours. It is exhausting and a full-time job in itself.


  1. Don’t you get bored?


BORED?! My mom doesn’t even have a second to breathe. Between cleaning, running errands, driving my sister from one sport to the next, to dropping off her lunch because she forgot it, she doesn’t even get a second to herself let alone the time to become bored. She is always running around and frantic to make sure everyone has as smooth of a day as possible.


Instead of stay at home mom I would call her more of a domestic goddess because without everything she does for my family, we would all fall apart.

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