India’s Daughter

by. M from the Feminist JAMMS

India’s Daughter is a documentary that I watched — and it infuriated me.  Let me give you a little bit background about what it is about.

This documentary is based on a gang-raped that happened in Delhi, India of 23-year-old Jyoti Singh. The victim was coming back from watching the Life of Pi with her male friend. They got on a privately run bus to go back home. There were six male figures on the bus including the driver. “The men then dragged Jyoti to the rear of the bus, beating her with the rod and raping her while the bus driver continued to drive. Medical reports later said that she suffered serious injuries to her abdomen, intestines, and genitals due to the assault, and doctors said that the damage indicated that a blunt object (suspected to be the iron rod) may have been used for penetration.” According to reports, one of the jyoti-singh-pandeyaccused men admitted to having seen a rope-like object, assumed to be her intestines, being pulled out of the woman by the other assailants on the bus. Two blood-stained metal rods were retrieved from the bus and medical staff confirmed that “it was penetration by this that caused massive damage to her genitals, uterus, and intestines.” After the rape, they both were thrown out of the bus. She died 13 days after being transported to Singapore where she had been receiving treatment for her severe injuries. All six males including a juvenile were all arrested and they all were sentenced to death, while the juvenile was imprisoned for 3 years.

This rape shocked the world and BCC made a documentary on it. The rape shocked the world because it included disturbing nature and graphic descriptions of sexual violence. This documentary also interviewed the rapist and the defense lawyer. And look at what they had to say.

Name: Mukesh

Occupation: Driver

Age: 28


Convicted of: rape, unnatural sex, murder

Sentenced to: Death By Hanging

MUKESH: You can’t clap with one hand. It takes two hands to clap. A decent girl won’t roam around at 9 o’clock at night. A girl is far more responsible for rape than a boy.

MUKESH: Boy and girl are not equal. Housework and housekeeping are for girls, not roaming in discos and bars at night, doing wrong things, wearing the wrong clothes. About 20% of girls are good.

MUKESH: The death penalty will make things even more dangerous for girls. Now when they rape, they won’t leave the girl like we did. They will kill her. Before, they would rape and say, “Leave her, she won’t tell anyone.” Now when they rape, especially the criminal types, they will just kill the girl. Death.

M.L Sharma



SHARMA: A female is just like a flower. It gives a good-looking, very softness performance, pleasant. But on the other hand, a man is just like a thorn. Strong, tough enough. That flower always needs protection. If you put that flower in a gutter, it is spoilt. If you put that flower in a temple, it will be worshipped.

SHARMA: You are talking about man and woman as friends. Sorry, that doesn’t have any place in our society. A woman means I immediately put the sex in his eyes. We have the best culture. In our culture, there is no place for a woman.

AP Singh



SINGH: If very important, if very necessary, she should go outside but she should go with their family members like uncle, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, etc., etc. So she should not go in night hours with her boyfriend.

SINGH: If my daughter or sister engaged in premarital activities and disgraced herself and allowed herself to lose face and character by doing such things, I would most certainly take this sort of sister or daughter to my farmhouse, and in front of my entire family, I would put petrol on her and set her alight. This is my stand. I still today stand by that reply.

The mentalities of these men are absolutely DISGUSTING. It honestly makes my blood boil. Its sick that they are blaming the victim for the rape because a girl is like a “flower”. That she shouldn’t have been outside of the house that late with another male figure because that doesn’t show a sign of a respectful girl. This is what the culture is in third world countries. That’s how men are raised there. The male can do anything they want hero_Indias-Daughter-2015but a female is only restricted to the house. Jyoti’s parents and herself were different they were making her a doctor. “Jyoti used to say that the first and biggest problem in India is the mentality. The differences between a girl and a boy are created in people’s minds from birth. In society, if we hear the same things about boys and girls, obviously a certain view is created.” Teach your sons to respect girls.



  1. I’m definitely going to check the documentary out! God I can’t believe that poor girl had to endure such a cruel death and beating, it’s disgusting. Then to go on and say they raped her because she was out way too late for a woman is all kinds of wrong!! I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch this documentary without crying/screaming at the TV 💙


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