Sexuality: Your Slice of The Pie

When the topic of sexuality comes up in a conversion this can become an awkward or uncomfortable moment. You might think this is an exaggeration and it doesn’t really apply to most people and you’d probably be right, this isn’t the case for everybody.

This becomes a different case for men and women. When we talk about a man’s sexuality and a woman’s sexuality, we tend to think that a woman’s sexual endowers are more detrimental or scrutinizing to her image, than if were the case of a man. If a woman is known to have multiple sexual partners or be more sexually active, she’s now seen as “fast” or doesn’t have enough self-respect for herself.

If this were the case for a man, we would look the other way or just say “he’s good with the ladies.” Why do we scrutinize women but brush it off when it comes to men? Why does society condemn women and not men?


(0101) Fiery Feminist

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  1. I think sexual morality is so based on patriarchial power relations because of the history behind our cultural situation. Today, the way the sexual morality we all know and adapt to developed is hidden behind our familial and friendship experiences, different media perceptions, and other ideological institutions like school. Silvia Federici in Caliban and the Witch writes about the oppressive tranformation of women from community leaders and powerful rebels against the forces of early capitalism to domestic slaves and baby factories for the new working class (especially after the population crisis of the Black Plague). Women’s sexual freedom was seen as a threat to capitalist production because of the essential role women played in maintaining the working family. In this process men became the sole wage worker (leaving women dependent on a man’s wage for food and housing) and the head of the authoritarian family structure. This culture of obedience and servitude to men and other capitalist authorities was enforced through propaganda and violence via the Witch Hunt and other laws (at one point in France it was completely legal to rape a woman. This was not the case before the expansion of capitalist relationships). Today we see the remnants of that history of subjugation in the way women’s sexuality is policed on a different level to men. Homosexuality and other forms of sexual behavior which are not productive in a capitalist system are also condemned and categorized under the deviant forms of sex. More encouraging, today we see very strong aspects of the freedom movement from slavery (wage labor is still slave labor) which women have always been at the head. I feel like we are on the precipice of breaking all our bonds to this wretched lifestyle based on murder and rape. Our sexual freedom is an indispensable part of breaking from our bondage. Long live the revolutionary struggle! Till we destroy all chains, borders, and prisons!


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