“Both are Responsible”

What do you think of stay-at-home moms and working moms? Which one is better and what would you like or what would you like your wife to be? For me, both are great but I choose to consider the circumstances in this matter. I think that stay-at-home moms and working moms have their own advantages. Stay-at-home moms can focus on giving full attention in taking care of their children and have more time to spend with their children. They will always be available for their children and will be at their side to help with anything at home.

Moreover, I believe that working moms are doing their best to divide their time for caregiving and work. It might be challenging to do two full-time works at the same time but, it is fine as long as they are capable of doing that. I totally respect working moms because they can multitask and do not think that their responsibilities as mothers are the obstacles to keep their career.


I think that it is not solely the moms’ responsibilities to take care of the children. Dads have to take part of the caregiving processes and share the responsibilities equally with the moms. We always heard the term ‘motherly instinct’ that claimed to be caused by the strong bonds between the children and the mothers. It is not true. I think we cannot claim that only mothers have such instincts with the children. Fathers can have such instincts if they take part in raising the children as much as mothers do.

Some people may claim that boys will be more attracted to their fathers and daughters to their mothers because of the sex and same interests. That is not entirely correct. Sometimes, it is vice versa. I believe that it is not only because of sex and same interests but, how much time you spent with the children and how much attention and affection that the children get from you. Pay attention to your kids regardless of your title and jobs.

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