Only God Can Judge, Well and Everyone Else

Photo: Emaze

Written By: FAME

Does religion and societal norms prohibit free expression of sexuality by women? Yes, more importantly are those the only two institutions that promote that? No. Men and women also perpetuate this standard of conduct. Words like sin, unchristian, and lust are just a few words that are used to justify judgment against women who are comfortable in their sexuality and aren’t afraid to be honest with themselves.

When women are honest and open about their sexuality they are often harassed, bashed, and slut-shamed by their own gender. Is this connected to the female compulsion toward competition between females? Often, it seems as though there is a fight for the alpha female title, but there is a glaring contradiction with this concept: women are supposed to be attractive, desirable, and sexual but only if it’s in a mature, monogamous, and conservative way.

Men also have an unrealistic viewpoint on sexuality both in their lives and women’s. Men are raised to believe that they should be promiscuous, “play the field”, and choose the best mate regarding physical attractiveness.

Porn also comes into play when talking about the lack of detailed, and appropriate sex education for the current generations. More often than not, adolescents use search engines, peers, and pornographic materials to learn about, interact with, and build an expectation with regards to relationships, sexual nature, and qualities of both genders in regards to sexually active lifestyles.

Sexuality is important for both genders and for the feminist movement because women are still being put down in society’s eyes for being open and expressive with their bodies. Religion, men, and social institutions continue to put pressure on women to be “ladies in the streets and freaks in the sheets.” This turn of phrase points out the true benefactor of women’s sexuality: men (or partners).

Being comfortable with your body and sexuality is an important step not only for feminism and women, but for self-reflection and growth. Confidence and power over your own sexual nature is extremely empowering and I believe that if more women were truly comfortable with themselves, it would eliminate these toxic, competitive friendships, one-sided sexual intimacies, and unrealistic and unfair expectations of women’s prowess.

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