what is Sexuality?


Sexuality is one individual’s sexual orientation and activity.  It is the individual’s choice.  It is something highly looked down on by the society when it comes to women.  Women are scared to talk about their sexual experiences or activities because they are scared of being called a slut.  Why is it looked down on if women had sex with many guys but it’s encouraged for guys to have sex?  We teach girls at a young age to not to think or talk about sex because it is bad and dirty. Why is there a double standard?

Many TV shows and movies showcase men as sexual beings and encourage it as a good manly behavior.  But, if you look at the movie Easy A with Emma Stone, she is labeled as a woman who has sex with many guys and is given an A for adultery to showcase how sex is bad.  This movie really shows how the society sees women who have sex.



I know that in my religion Hinduism, it is looked down on if a woman has sex with many men.  We are supposed to wait till marriage to have sex.  I do agree with that concept, knowing the consequences, but I think everyone has a right to do what they want and no one should judge them.  I see women in temple wear long sleeved tops and cover up where as men can go in shorts.  What is up with this?  I think it is high time women start standing along with men and not behind a man’s shadow.

Have you noticed that everywhere it tells women to be careful when having sex, but why is this care not needed for men?  If you have ever watched Teen Moms or 16 and Pregnant they always make it the woman’s problem and it seems like the men just escaped or did nothing.  Isn’t the man equally responsible if a girl is pregnant?  It is always the woman who has to carry the baby and watch it.  The men are just the so-called providers. This type of mentality needs to change. More men need to step up and take responsibly for their actions.


I know many Indian men who look down on women who wear shorts or crop tops because it shows too much skin.  But what I have to say to them is why are you looking at it?  I heard a man once say that he would never be able to have a daughter that dresses in revealing clothes.  He said he would beat her up.  This man has no right to talk about women when he has only a son.  I wish this mentality of male and woman sexuality changes.

When it comes to homosexuality or transgender, society is crueler.  They are ridiculed and singled out.  They may not be accepted by their own family and friends.  They may not get a job or lose their jobs.

Most of issues in society are due to lack of exposure or proper education.  Whatever the sexual orientation is, each one should be aware of others, respecting others, while protecting theirs.  This awareness increases with proper education and openness.

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