What is the Erotic

The Erotic is a term coined by writer Audre Lorde in “Uses of the Erotic”.  She describes it as a source of personal power and political power.  This term is often confused with the pornographic, and it is suspicious in a patriarchal society.  The Erotic is a powerful feminine force of personal power within everyone.  It is a vital resource that rises from the most mysterious parts of the self.  The Erotic is a sense of fulfillment, pleasure and completion, that is a part of every area of life.  The Erotic is also defamed in western culture, and because of this woman are both sexually oppressed and exploited in a patriarchal society.  In our male-dominated society, the erotic has been encouraged as a sign of female inferiority.  Lorde assets that erotic empowerment is female, and a womanly life force.  It is necessary to focus the empowerment of the Erotic on women, because the Erotic in women has been oppressed.  The Erotic is a source of personal power.

-Alex Pongchit

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