In school I’m taught protection

Where intercourse seems healthy,

At home I’m taught prevention

Where adultery is filthy


All my friends around me

Engaging in this pleasure,


God commands to wait ‘till marriage

To share my treasure



How do I distract myself?

When I’m biologically pressured,


To keep this sacred oath

And not give into pleasure


Maybe I want to feel loved

A special kind of connection,

But afraid to violate God’s command


I hide any intimate expression

I know the urges are a test

As a believer in the lord,

But the way society is dressed


Sex is more than explored


“Wait until marriage”

They say it’ll be worthwhile,

Abstinence is disparaged

And sex is “in style”


Questions that are carried

All throughout my head,

What if I never get married?

And sleep alone in bed


Hypotheticals in my thoughts

Go deep like a bottomless well

How I cope with this confusion

Only time will tell


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