The Women That Society Wants vs Who We Really Are


By: Ashira Johnson

Look at these two women. Can you tell just by looking at them what their lives are like, how smart they are, how much money they make, or the type of person they are in general? Same people will look at this picture and categorize Cardi B (the woman on the left) as the uneducated whore and Ayesha Curry and the smart and successful woman. These people go straight to judging these women based on their appearance without even looking into who they really are. Cardi B went from being a stripper to a successful rapper and is very proud of where she started from and where she is today. She is also a very smart woman. Ayesha Curry is always smart and successful woman building her brand as a chef and cooking show host. Both of these women have their own story but just because of the way they present themselves, society just wants to associate them with only what they see. 

Society only likes to portray women as either good or bad and the way they distinguish that difference is by paying attention to the way they talk, present themselves as a whole, and how they dress. If a woman chooses to wear more revealing clothing and/or talk or pose is a more “sexual way” then they are automatically put into the bad category; uneducated, low life, attention seeker, begging for sex. In reality, these women are just regular people who may simply just be more comfortable with their own sexuality and that is okay. Whereas when women are the opposite they are put into the good category; educated and successful in some way. But as you can see in the picture, these women can be considered boring because, to some people, they don’t seem like sexual beings or may not like to go out and have fun. This seems confusing because it is almost like society doesn’t know what they want just because they place so many negative stereotypes on women. 

Women should be allowed to do whatever they choose to do without society judging as and making it seem like one certain type of woman is always better than the other. If a woman is comfortable with her sexuality and is not afraid to show that off then she should be able to by all means. If a woman chooses to keep her sexuality to herself then she should be able to do that as well. It is important to get to know a person before just trying to judge them based on their appearance.  


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