Power In the Erotic???

They do not understand me

They know nothing about me

They fail to realize that the power within me stretches far beyond their imagination

Their minds are corrupted, making them unable to believe that the erotic is only experienced through sexual pleasure

When will they understand that my worth goes far beyond my sexual capabilities

The experiences within the erotic are not given even credit

The vast experiences that are connected to the erotic are also misunderstood

As a woman I experience satisfaction, joy and fulfillment through many

other aspects of my life outside of the bedroom

The erotic is more than a sensation,

It encompasses a sense of power

that comes with sharing any pursuit with someone else

The connections between the two sharers of the experiences can

Lead to an understanding of differences which is much

Deeper than sexual fulfillment

Without the erotic, we would be nothing……

It is the “nurturer of all our deepest knowledge”

It holds power that we as human beings

Can barely fathom..

There is power in the Erotic.

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