Who Has The Power?

Do you have the power?   You might think you do but other say you don’t.

The role women play in the media is interpreted and viewed differently among members of society. This changes between men and women and even more within members of the same sex.

For example, when this conversion arises between two men this can turn into a debate about the level of respect women have for themselves portraying certain images or the decency of the role play how this sets examples for other women.

Different stances on this topic also arise between women, where some women support the “empowering” roles women take on in a society dominated by men. They argue that this is a “step stone to climb up the ladder” and obtain some control. On the other hand, some believe that women don’t have to rely on their physical attributes as their only form of leverage in society.

Should women take advantage of their physical attributes to climb up the ladder, even if it’s the only way to advance?

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