A Feminist Sexual Politic by bell hooks

Sexist thinking is always about males’ sexual desire and sexual pleasure. Sexual intercourse that would lead to “unwanted pregnancy and “ dangers of illegal abortion” is an issue before the existence of dependable birth control. Women have to ignore the risk of being impregnated because of men’s desire for sex. Women of the past fear of sexual relationships but, have to give in because of men’s desire for it. This kind of relationship is only focussing on the men’s needs without considering the females’ wishes and feelings.

Female sexual freedom needs “dependable, safe birth control.” Without this, women will not be in control of the aftermath of the sexual activity which can result in undesired pregnancy. According to radical feminist thinkers, women are truly sexually liberated when they see themselves as “having sexual values and agency irrespective of whatever or not we are the objects of male desire.”

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