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Throughout history and in some religious aspects women are subject to being sexually inferior. Women exploring their sexuality is a grey area that is usually overlooked and never addresses a viable issue. I believe women should be able to explore their sexuality and be able to explore their bodies, the same way men do. More often than not, men are not shamed for exploring their sexuality; meanwhile, women are shamed and put under a microscope for the same thing. Women equality is addressed in every other realm except sexuality.  Women are disgraced for even being outspoken about anything of a sexual nature. I feel like this is a form of repression of women; one that is under the radar, as it doesn’t allow them to feel good or accepting of their bodies. Women should be able to be able to know their bodies.

Women who actually do express and show their sexuality are labelled, and somewhat outcast from society. Although it’s not formally taught, girls are led to believe that this type of behaviour is not socially acceptable. I believe that girls and women should be socially accepted regardless of their sexual tendencies. This would empower women and make them feel more confident about their bodies and themselves. It allows women to know and understand their desires as well as pleasures.

Audre Lorde told us that all of this was not only good it was sacred. “The erotic” is an asset that exists in each of us on a profoundly female and spiritual plane.”  Lorde does not state men have no power of the erotic. These words addressed the emotions ladies were having. Lorde revealed to us that there is something great about being a woman, about developing our sentiments and the sentiments of our bodies in link with other ladies. Not just that, but there is something metaphysical about this procedure.

The role of women in today’s modern society is rapidly changing but falling behind in the sexuality spectrum. I think it about time that it is brought up to par, giving women the sexual freedom, and choose to do as they please with their bodies, as well as express and explore their sexuality.

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