I’m Saving Myself For Marriage ?!?!

Sex. Everyone wants to have it. Most people lose their virginity. We are told to wait for the right person to have sex with. Is that when we are 17? 24? Maybe even 30?  Is there an actual age when it is considered to be weird to still be a virgin? When girls say “ I am saving myself for marriage” they are doing it to be empowered of their sexuality, like they have control over it. Yet, society puts that idea down and laugh at women who don’t want to have sex before marriage. When women do have sex multiple times with other guys, they are labeled at sluts and are degraded for choosing to have sex. Women can never win. I find it empowering that women choose to wait for the right guy, where their hearts are completely open to the person. It isn’t an easy thing to wait that long, but if it means that you find a soulmate, then it should be respected. Yet, why is it seen as a turn off to have respect for your sexuality? We should let women have the right to feel satisfied with holding that part of their sexuality instead of giving it up when they aren’t ready, but when males want to lose it.

-Rebecca Martins

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