The Crazy Truth About Advertisements

It seems that one of the most effective ways of selling products is to use the hypersexualization of the female body. This occurs so often in our culture, that it may not even be obvious to us anymore. This act exploits female sexuality in a negative way.

To put things into perspective, here are some examples of overtly sexualized ads, out of context.


These next two ads come from the food industry. Out of all the different places a sexualized advertisement could come from, I would think the food industry is the one that is least likely to have this. These female bodies are completely irrelevant to what they are trying to sell.



Here are some ads from the fashion and merchandise industry. These ads are aimed towards men, for the most part, and they are intended to appeal men to the idea that women will be all over them if they buy these products, just as it appears in the ads. On the other hand, there are some ads that are supposed to appeal to females.They accomplish this by putting the idea in their heads that they will become as attractive as the model if they purchase these products.

Now, here are some examples of ads that were redone by males in the same poses. It just looks plain awkward and unnatural for men to be posing this way, but then why is it acceptable for females?

These are just a simple list of different sexualized ads. However, more sexualization occurs in all types of media including TV, movies, and magazines, and it is about time that it stops. Because of this over sexualization, it makes a paradox out of female sexuality as something that is both a taboo and way too present in our society.

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