8 Ways You’re Denying a Woman Her Sexual Freedom

  1. You’ve called a woman a slut, whore, or any other derogatory term referring to her sexuality or genitaliaImage result for female angry reaction gifs
  2. You’ve assumed, that based on a woman’s sexual history, she is “open for business.”Image result for she's not  gifs
  3. You’ve judged a woman’s morals/character based on her sexual history and actionsImage result for tom hiddleston reaction gifs
  4. You’ve assumed a woman’s sexual history based on how she dressesImage result for angry reaction gifs
  5. You’ve denied a woman her right to birth control on the basis of religion or moralsImage result for angry reaction gif
  6. You’ve praised or high fived a man for his “sexual prowess” but looked down on a woman with a similar sexual historyImage result for high five gifs
  7. You’ve assumed a woman is of lower intelligence based on her looks and sexual historyImage result for smart woman gifs
  8. You’ve questioned a woman’s rape charges based on her clothing or sexual historyImage result for angry goodbye gifs


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