Women in Sports: Gender & Sexuality

By: Stacey Soko

KEY WORD: Female Athlete

Athleticism is a form of strength, power, talent and agility. This quality exists in women and men, but is viewed differently depending on the gender that is being discussed. There are many stereotypical assumptions that are formed within this topic, men are more athletic than men, men are stronger than women, women cannot play sports, etc. This form of discrimination suppresses women’s ability to pursue their desires in the athletic field, for the fear of being judged.


There are many complications that come with the stereotypes and discrimination that women face from time to time in the sports field. Many women, because of their athleticism, get shamed for their bodies, get questioned about their sexuality and gender. Being an athlete does not make one less a woman, but just makes them who there are as a woman. All athletes naturally have muscle due to intensive and frequent work outs. For women, they are sometime frowned upon for having muscular arms, legs or features. Due to this, they are shamed and accused of being gay or lesbian because of their outer appearance. Questioning or judging one’s gender or sexuality because of certain activities they choose to participate in is simply wrong and diminishing. These acts of criticism lower self-esteem over time. No matter how well female athletes perform, they are always belittled in comparison to men. Not all men are athletic and not all men are strong. Athlete’s performance, no matter if they are male or female, should not be judged based on their gender or sexuality but simply on their ability and talent.

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