Q&A: Interview on Women in Sports

Dominique Croons is a sophomore at the University of Maryland majoring in sports broadcasting/media production journalism major. She aspires to have her own show on ESPN and through this platform, she plans to work towards showing that women are just as capable as men.

Q:  Why aren’t Women’s sports as popular as men’s?

A: Sports naturally go towards men because they are seen as more aggressive which contrasts societies ideals of believing women are soft and the weaker species. People assume that women’s games are not going to be as fun and exciting as men’s. For example, Women’s basketball does not get as much attention as men’s basketball because all you ever hear about is male players but, on the contrary, the UMD Women’s basketball team is doing significantly better than the men’s.

Q: What are the influences behind why women are paid less than men in sports?

A: This goes into a broader context of the gender wage gap. We have to take a step back and examine the inequalities women face, they do the same exact thing as men and are paid less. Men get paid more based on the attention and advertisement that they bring to the sport but, to play devil’s advocate the US Women’s soccer team brings more attention than the men’s but the men still get paid more even though they have not attended a national championship in many years.

Q: What are some examples of gender inequality in sports?

A: I would say the gender wage gap for one, the attention and the respect towards female athletes. Often times people associate knowledge with a gender and we have to realize that knowledge about certain subjects should not be limited to one gender or the other.

Q: As an aspiring sports journalist, what part do you play in paving the way to gender equality within sports

A: As an aspiring sports journalist, I want to show people that we know as much as men. We are equally capable and as women, we must fight harder to gain respect in this male-dominated era of sports. In order to do that, we must educate ourselves and continue to progress.

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